Sideshow Swap!

Created by Cannonball Arcade, LLC

A THRILLING deduction game based on cunning and chance. Almost always has surprise endings! From the underbelly of the circus world.

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BIG News!
6 days ago – Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 11:22:45 PM

Hitting the Road!

Sideshow Swap! is a fun, family-friendly game accessible enough to non-gamers, yet strategic and engaging for heavier gamers too. We worked really hard on it, payed attention to the details, and worked out the kinks to make the game what it is today. It's been put through the ringer by play testers, reviewers, our backers... everyone.

As such, we are pleased to announce... are you ready for this? ... that Sideshow Swap! ... wait, let us polish our boots and straighten our lapels ... has been ... **DRUM ROLL PLEASE** ... licensed to The United States Playing Card Company!! You know, the fine folks that make Bicycle Playing Cards?! They love it as much as you do. So much so, they are making their own version of it under the Games by Bicycle(TM) brand!


Now what does this mean exactly??? For now, not much, except it makes the copies you have truly limited edition copies and maybe even collectables! You can expect the future, USPC version to have some differences and different performers, but the quality will match what you've come to love and expect.

We will be selling the remaining LIMITED First Tour Editions and Shenanigan Expansions that we have produced on our website and on Amazon (once they start receiving non-essential products again) until around September or once we run out of inventory. It's also available at these select retailers. If you know anyone who wants a copy - send them our way, we'd be happy to take their money. ;) The USPC version is not expected any time before 2021, so you better hurry, because once they're gone, they're gone!

-Phil & Adam

That's a Wrap! A Million Thanks!
10 days ago – Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 09:46:37 PM

From the very bottom of our Sideshow-y hearts, to our families, friends and our backers - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

With triumphant horns blasting in the background we are proud to announce that all copies are en route, or already in your hot little hands. It makes us so immensely happy to hear all of the nice things you're saying about the game, we could not have done it without your help. We hope it will bring you as much happiness as we have had making it.

Enjoy the 'Show?  Let us know!

We are a small, independent company and your reviews are our lifeblood. After you've had a chance to play it a few times (preferably with more than 3 people - it's a party game after all...), do us a huge favor by rating Sideshow Swap! and writing a couple kind words on Board Game Geek - it's kinda like Yelp for board games, but better, because you know, it's about board games.

We will continue to post on Sideshow Swap!, but for more news about our upcoming projects, please Like our company page on the good 'ole Facebook:

Sideshow Swap! is Here!!
19 days ago – Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 10:56:59 PM

Drum Roll Pleeeeeeeeaaaasssseeeee!!!

After over 50 days and an unbelievable 14,000 miles in transit, we have finally received the lion's share shipment of Sideshow Swap! It's been inspected, repacked and about half of the rewards been shipped. You will begin receiving your copies soon! Whoo-hoo!! Check out some photos and read on for important information about your rewards. 

Cartons upon cartons of sweet, delicious Sideshow Swap!
Jam-packed to the brim with beautifully crafted shiny boxes.
Don't forget the expansions - boxes of mischievous fun!
Oodles and Oodles of Sideshow Swap!

Important Details About Shipments and the Elephant in the Room: The COVID-19 Impact

Join the Cast Reward Level

Amazon has stopped receiving inbound shipments from most FBA sellers until at least April 5, including us. This matters because we planned to fulfill $20 Join the Cast pledge levels through their fulfillment center and this will certainly cause an unpopular delay to that segment of backers. The reason for this boils down to the fact that all other pledge levels had multiple SKUs from multiple vendors and it was cheaper for us to package them together and ship from Detroit. Since it's impossible for us to estimate when we can get these to Amazon, we have decided to pack and ship your copies as soon as we can. We don't want you to wait any more than you should! We've ordered more packing materials to accommodate this and will get them out the door ASAP (but realistically, expect about a week).

Don't Panic, But Local Pickup Has Been Cancelled 

Due to government restrictions and local business banning large gatherings, we are unable to have pickups at coordinated times at local game shops. We've already begun hand delivering copies, and will reach out to the rest of you and coordinate when we can drop off copies to your porch. Think of us as better smelling, more good looking mail dudes. We are hoping to get all these out in the wild by the end of the month, but it will take time to organize this effort. 

Retail Launch Party Postponed

For the same reason as the local pickups, we are forced to suspend our plan to have a release party at our friendly local game store. If it still makes sense to do so in the future, we'll let you know.

There's More?!

Expect more news from us on the fulfillment front later and how you'll be able to get additional copies for your friends. Oh yeah, there's that other thing we want to talk about....Next time maybe!

Holy Cow the Atlantic is Huge!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Feb 21, 2020 at 06:29:37 PM

Hello Sideshow Cast and Showmen!

As our ship departs the Spanish coast and steams across the Atlantic, we're excited to announce that all of our UK and EU backers have been fulfilled. Big thanks to our fulfillment partner Collext who helped organize that effort. If you are lucky enough to already have a copy of Sideshow Swap!, please become a fan on Board Game Geek, and rate the game -- It makes a world of difference to independent game makers like us here at Cannonball Arcade.

For the USA and rest of the world

We've been tracking the ol' girl carrying our game, and we're excited to report that the voyage is about half way over with most of the stops out of the way -- China, to Taiwan, to Vietnam, to Singapore, past Sri Lanka and India, into the Red Sea and through the Suez Canal, across the Med', and finally through the Straits of Gibraltar. This bucket of bolts is cruising along at about 19.1 knots, and is among the faster cargo vessels we've seen in the area. It's headed to New York City, and then making its way to us, in Michigan. We expect the shipment to arrive here about a week into March, then we'll be shipping to the rest of you. Individual shipment times varying by country, but we expect all copies delivered to backers in March.

Ah, the sweat smell of the ocean breeze

-Adam and Phil

The ‘Show is coming!
2 months ago – Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 09:41:41 PM

We're beyond excited to announce that Sideshow Swap! has hit the open water! Through a series of interconnected and intricate deals involving regional order quantities, we were able to get all of the copies out of port before Chinese New Year.  This is big, because we were facing a several week delay as the manufacturer (and all the rest of China) observers their holiday period. At the end of the day, we ended up splitting our shipments into two loads--one for the UK/EU and one for the rest of the world--and low an behold, copies have already reached our UK fulfillment partner! Labels are being created and you lucky dogs will be receiving your games soon!

For the US and rest of the world, we’re going to have to wait just a bit longer. Ideally we wouldn't have such a lag between one region and the rest of the world (including our home country), but that’s the spot we’re in. We can assure you that we’re obsessively tracking the cargo ship that holds the rest of the copies as it makes its way us. Once it gets here and we get our hot little hands on the goods, we’ll fulfill the US, Canada, Mexico, South America and Oceania as quickly as possible. 

For us here at Cannonball Arcade, this is an enormous achievement.  We appreciate your patience and continued excitement, and we can't wait for this game to make your game night table.

We will keep you posted on the rest of the fulfillment, as well as any other news that comes out. Expect February to be mostly quiet as the ship crosses the deep blue yonder.

Adam and Phil